The Mighty Mastodon, Opeth, and Ghost packed the Showbox SoDo.... with Beards!

I CAME FOR MASTODON! These guys just never stop. Ive seen them soooo many time now and they always bring it! Mastodon and Opeth are both supporting new records making The Heritage Hunter a duel headlining tour, so the boys trade off closing the show. I love it when bands do this because it makes for a bigger and more energized show throughout that more people can enjoy. On this stop in Seattle Opeth closed the night with (from what I saw) a solid set. For me this was perfect, making for a metal show sandwich with Hooverville Bread! My friends and I started and ended the night with a few beers across the street at Hooverville. 


Now back to Mastodon. Last time I saw them (a whole 6ish months ago) was probably my favorite time Ive ever seen them. So they had some big shoes to fill this stop! Now don't get me wrong The Hunter and Crack the Skye are big game changers for the band and I do really love these records... But after 3 years of the set list consisting of Crack the Skye front to back and only one song off each off their other albums I was so hyped to hear them shred through their whole catalog. Monday night however wasn't quite as versatile but it still killed as always. The mostly stuck to The Hunter and CTS. These albums are a little less heavy than previous albums but where they tone it down in one area they take it up a notch in another. Never missing a beat! While I love everything Mastodon has done to date, the high points for me were the old cuts... Crystal Skull, Aqua Dementia, and Blood and Thunder! Which they respectfully stuck in the beginning and end of their set as to start and end on a high note! I LOVE IT! 


Troy Sanders, Badass... I mean bassist, Mastodon! (also, check out the pink lasers Drummer Brann Dailor is spewing onto the stage! He knows whats up.)

Did I mention I love Beards! I was walking around all night like Night at the Roxbury all like Beard...Beard...Beard...Beard..BeBeardBeard...BBBearddd! Troys takes the cake though, Plus I have a thing for bassists!


The one and Only Brent Hinds, Guitarist, Mastodon.


Bill Kelliher, Guitarist, The Mighty Mastodon.


Brent Hinds, Red Beard, Shark Tooth, Mastodon, Creature!


Up next... Opeth!

Martin "Axe" Axenrot, Drummers, Opeth.

Mikael Akerfeldt, Lead Vocals, Guitarist, Opeth.

Mikael Akerfeldt, Feet, Lead Vocals, Guitarist, Opeth.


Fredrik Akesson, Guitarist, Opeth.


Martin Mendez, Bassist, Opeth.


Ghost opened the show and having no idea what I was in for it was a delightful visual treat for myself and my camera. I love creepy awesomeness!

Papa Emeritus, Vocals, Ghost.


A Nameless Ghoul, Ghost.


Papa Emeritus, Vocals, Ghost.


A Nameless Ghoul, Ghost.


Lead ghoul, Papa Emeritus, Vocals, Ghost.




Brent Hinds, Badass guitar... I want it.


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