Devil Driver and The Metal Alliance tour hit Seattle with a vengance at Studio 7!



Sometimes you have to shoot a show without a photo pit. Sometimes youre shooting a show lit only by red and orange lights... if any at all. Sometimes, like last night at The Metal Alliance Tour, your shooting both. Luckily for me I LOVE me some Devil Driver, and last night a Studio 7 they Killed it! Shreading through every album seemlessly to a sold out crowd. There was so much energy being transfered between the bands and the crowd that by the time Devil Driver hit the stage nothing else even mattered!

I did end up with a few decent shots. Even shooting with a 1.8 prime at iso 6400 I struggled. Thanks to Jeff for getting all up in my lens! I probly spent 50% of the time photographing the DD cross on the neck of his guitar as he played. This made for some really fun images! Check it!












Last words... as my brother and sister head back to my hometown I wish I was going with them cuz Devil Driver and the rest of the gang will be playing Spokane tomorrow night. Although I dont know if my sore throat would appreciate it, if I could Id be there screaming every word just like last night...just like every night! Dont miss it! You never know what show will be your last! 

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